Estalky New developed Single Desk Charger DC550 provides 2 lamps of power, allowing you to conveniently and efficiently charge your Estalky handset at your work station.
Eliminate the need for charging cables with the drop-in charger and handset organizer. 
Estalky certified desk chargers are designed to optimize the battery life, enabling you to get the most from your handset.
The combination of Estalky’s powerful handset and AdvanceTec drop-in charger ensures your device is connected and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Easily insert and remove handset

DC550 works well on E550 models of Estalky Brand,It is compact and flexible for charging.

The new evolution for Estalky single desk charger with usb cable make your communication more easy and convenience.

Portable & delicacy

With a USB Cable for charging directly enables your POC handset talking continuously.
Charging fast 

Good Quality enables your POC Handset with long life capatity

 Lightweight and compact, easy to carry
 Fast charging and strong battery life
 Easily Insert and remove the poc handset
 Charge Status LED‘S for easy monitoring and power management
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