Public security
                                                                     Ideal communications and solution for public safety team

Public safety teams are only effective if they can communicate with each other without delay. Whether it’s firefighters up against blazing infernos, police officers controlling riots, or paramedics rushing to the scene, public safety workers need to keep in touch with each other to ensure their own safety and the safety of the persons and property they are protecting.

With lives on the line time is of the essence, instant and effective communication is a must in the public safety industry.
Meanwhile each policeman should carry a lot of device to meet daily communication. like law enforcement, two way radio and mobile phone. it is too complicated.  

Now estalky develop poc devices which strive to offer end client with the ideal communications and solution for public safety team needs.
-Possible to integrate Push-To-Talk with other Safety Management applications.
-No range limitation as in standard radio or TETRA communication, traditioal two way radio or TETRA radio.
-It has voice talking , video talking at the same time.Only one device for group communication and normal voice calls.
-Users location displayed on map in dispatching center, so for any emergency case, the control room can direct give solutions to solve the issue. 

Our POC device R95 has successfully taken in Brazil police station to help policeman to get instant live pictures and send to dispatch. Give instant method for handling the case. With camera on R95, providing evidence for working. Creating a safe action. Keep daily working fast and effcient.