Warranty Service
Subject to the conditions of this Comprehensive 1 year Warranty,KMOBILE warrants this product to be free from major defects in design, material and workmanship at the time of its original purchase by a consumer, and for a subsequent period of one (1) years.

The following situations are not covered by this Limited Warranty:
1. If the customer does not present an invoice or receipt of purchase when requiring warranty service. 
2. If the warranty period is expired (the customer can ask the service center for an out-of-warranty repair service). 
3. If the IMEI, serial number or warranty seals of the product have been altered or removed. 
4. If the product shows evidence of abuse, misuse, neglect or any different use as specified in the User’s manual. 
5. The product presented problems caused by third-party software, unauthorized software or virus. 
6. If the product presents problems or damages caused when was transported by customer. 
7. If the product is reported as stolen o blocked by a telephone service provider. 
8. If the problem is caused by accidents such as fires, voltage fluctuations, chemical exposure, moisture, spill of food or liquid, sand or any element or condition outside of the products specifications. 
9. If the problem is caused by natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, floods or extreme environmental conditions. 
10. If the problem is related to cosmetic defects caused by normal use, like sun exposure, dings or scratches or any cosmetic defect or assembly defects that are not from manufacture. 
11. If the product is used in a telephone network different from those approved by telephone service provider.